Kitten Sculpture With Illuminated Art Glass Torchiere


The “Purr-fectly Playful Sculpture” a charming and artistic piece. It appears to be a handcrafted kitten sculpture that incorporates elements of light and glass art. The sculpture features two genuine art glass torchiere-style tulip shades, which likely means that these shades are designed to emit a soft, diffused light reminiscent of torchiere lamps. These shades are placed atop sculpted metal stems, likely resembling flower stems, adding to the artistic and playful nature of the sculpture.

The sculpture seems to focus on capturing the essence of kittens, possibly in a playful or whimsical pose. The use of art glass and metal in its construction suggests a blend of craftsmanship and creativity. The fact that it’s labeled as a “limited edition” suggests that only a certain number of these sculptures were produced, which often adds to their value and uniqueness.

Lastly, the dimensions provided (“Measures 16-1/4″ H”) indicate that the sculpture stands at a height of approximately 16-1/4 inches. This information gives potential buyers or collectors an idea of the sculpture’s size and presence.

Overall, the “Purr-fectly Playful Sculpture” appears to be a carefully crafted and artistic piece that would likely appeal to cat lovers, collectors of unique art pieces, and those who appreciate the blend of form and function in decorative items.

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