Blake Jensen Mystical Enchanted Lighted Elephants Figurine


The Mystical Enchanted Elephant Figurine sounds like a captivating and beautifully crafted piece of art. Created by artist Blake Jensen, this figurine showcases a mother and baby elephant crafted from crystalline material, giving it a unique and enchanting appearance. The Swarovski crystal eyes add an extra touch of sparkle and elegance.

Being a limited edition piece, it likely holds value for collectors and enthusiasts of fine art and sculptures. With measurements of 8 inches in width and 6.5 inches in height, it’s a sizeable piece that can serve as a striking decorative element in a room.

The fact that the figurine lights up suggests that it might be designed to illuminate and highlight the intricate details of the piece, adding to its mystical charm. Overall, this description paints a vivid picture of a meticulously designed work of art that combines craftsmanship, elegance, and a touch of enchantment.

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