I Would Rather Stay At HOGWARTS Rotating Musical Glitter Globe


I’d Rather Stay At HOGWARTS This Christmas Glitter Globe appears to be an officially licensed product inspired by the Harry Potter series. The key features of this glitter globe include:

Design: The globe is made of real glass and is designed to depict the magical atmosphere of HOGWARTS™ during Christmas time, capturing the enchanting and cozy spirit of the holiday season in the wizarding world.

Rotating Horse-Drawn Carriage: Inside the globe, there is a miniature horse-drawn carriage that rotates, likely evoking imagery from the Harry Potter movies where such carriages are used to transport students and staff at HOGWARTS™.

Music: The globe is accompanied by music that is played from the original film soundtrack, enhancing the magical ambiance and bringing the scenes to life.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the globe are approximately 7-7/8″ in height and 6″ in diameter, providing a substantial size that can be displayed prominently.

For fans of the Harry Potter series, this glitter globe would likely be a delightful addition to their collection, allowing them to experience a touch of the wizarding world’s charm during the festive season. It’s a creative blend of holiday magic and iconic elements from the Harry Potter universe.

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