Whitetail Gathering Cuckoo Clock


Design: The cuckoo clock is designed with a Whitetail Gathering theme, which likely includes sculpted deer as part of its design. The presence of a 10-point buck sculpture adds to the overall visual appeal of the clock.
Pendulum: The clock features a swinging metal pendulum, which not only adds movement to the clock but also enhances its traditional charm. The pendulum’s swinging motion is a characteristic feature of many cuckoo clocks.
Weights: The clock is likely equipped with pine cone-shaped weights. These weights are used to power the clock’s movement and contribute to its functioning.
Size: The cuckoo clock measures 24 inches in height, including the hanging pendulum and weights. This gives you an idea of the clock’s dimensions, making it a substantial and noticeable piece of decor.
Limited-Edition: The clock is mentioned as a limited-edition piece, which often indicates that it’s produced in a specific quantity and may be considered more collectible due to its rarity.
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