This We’ll Defend US Army Cuckoo Clock


Design: The cuckoo clock has a wood-toned body, which suggests that it’s designed to have a classic and rustic appearance.
Artwork: The clock features artwork by James Dietz. James Dietz is known for his military-themed artwork, often depicting scenes from various branches of the military.
Army Emblems: The clock likely features emblems or symbols associated with the United States Army. These emblems could include the Army logo, insignia, or other recognizable imagery related to the Army.
Eagle Emergence: The clock has a unique feature where an eagle emerges each hour. This could be synchronized with the official Army song, creating a thematic and patriotic experience.
Dimensions: The cuckoo clock measures 22″ in height, including the pendulum and weights. This gives you an idea of its size and presence.
Overall, this clock seems to be a collector’s item that celebrates the United States Army, featuring artwork, emblems, and a unique hourly display. It would likely be of interest to individuals who have a strong connection to the military or a patriotic appreciation for the Army.
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