Jurgen Scholz Happy Tails Kitten Art Wall Clock


The limited-edition clock features a maple-finished wooden case adorned with artwork by Jürgen Scholz, showcasing cat-themed art. The clock is equipped with an accurate quartz movement, ensuring precise timekeeping.
One of the notable features of the clock is that, on the hour, a mouse pops out, adding an element of surprise and playfulness to the design. This interaction could serve as a charming and entertaining way to mark the passing of each hour.
The clock measures 22″ in height, including both the pendulum and weights. This measurement suggests that it’s a substantial and decorative piece that could potentially serve as a focal point in a room due to its size and unique design.
Overall, the clock seems to blend functionality with artistic creativity, offering a functional timekeeping device while also serving as a visually appealing and unique decorative item. It’s likely to be of interest to cat lovers and those who appreciate quirky and artistic designs.
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