Footprints In The Sand Faux Leather Handbag


The “Footprints in the Sand” handbag a beautifully designed accessory with a meaningful theme. The handbag appears to be made of faux leather and features a color-block design inspired by coastal colors. The imagery and words on the handbag likely reference the beloved poem “Footprints in the Sand,” which is known for its spiritual and comforting message.

The bag’s size is described as measuring 13″ in width at the bottom and 9″ in height, with a 5″ drop. This suggests that the bag is wider at the base and narrows towards the top. The “5” drop” might refer to the length between the top of the handles and the top edge of the bag when the handles are held comfortably. This drop length can influence how the bag hangs when carried.

Additionally, the handbag comes with a removable shoulder strap. The adjustable strap can be extended up to 60″ in length, allowing for various carrying options and styles.

Overall, the “Footprints in the Sand” handbag seems to be a fashionable and meaningful accessory, blending coastal design elements with the inspirational message of the famous poem. It offers versatility in terms of carrying options and can serve as a stylish addition to various outfits.

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