1. Prohibited Language: Customers are not allowed to include any offensive, obscene, profane, pornographic, or objectionable language in their personalized content requests.

2. Prohibited Names and Likenesses: Customers cannot include the names or likenesses of celebrities, public figures, or collegiate athletes in their personalized content requests.

3. Enforcement and Consequences: If a customer violates these guidelines, The Bradford Exchange Usa reserves the right to reject the personalized content request. Customers who violate the policy will be informed of the violation and given the option to either provide different personalized content that adheres to the guidelines or receive a full refund for their order.

This policy is likely in place to ensure that the personalized products offered by The Bradford Exchange Usa maintain a certain level of quality and respectability, while also avoiding any potential legal or copyright issues related to using celebrity or public figure names and likenesses. Customers are expected to follow these guidelines when making their personalized content requests.