Disney Mickey Mouse Through The Years Sculptural Table Lamp

$159.99 Disney Mickey Mouse Through The Years Sculptural Table Lamp is a delightful and intricately crafted collectible celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary. The lamp seems to be a unique and visually appealing piece that captures various iconic roles and moments from Mickey Mouse’s history. The attention to detail, including hand-casting and hand-painting by master artisans, adds to the charm of this limited edition lamp.

The inclusion of six fully sculptural figures, representing different phases of Mickey’s journey, and the 3-tiered base resembling film reels add a nostalgic touch for fans of the beloved character. The fabric shade featuring iconic artwork from the cartoon credits is a nice detail that ties the design together.

The mention of a free CFL bulb for immediate use is a thoughtful addition for those who want to enjoy the lamp right away. However, given the limited edition nature of the product and the anticipation for strong demand, interested individuals are encouraged to place their orders promptly.

Disney Mickey Mouse Through The Years Lamp



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